Soul in the Driver's Seat

A Course in Miracles for the New Age

Soul Installment 1

Monday 31 July 2023


Volume One
Chapter One — Introduction

Saturday, June 18, 2022, 3:00 pm

1. It is I, the one known as Jesus. I penned the original A Course in Miracles and now I have returned to create a new and updated version for the times we face. To quote Bob Dylan, "the times they are a-changin'." The original book was quite an undertaking to both write and read for the common man. It was incomprehensible to most but the most ardent, who would spend years attempting to understand it. Now it is my desire to create by recreating and make the content from the original so simple and understandable that it can reach a brand-new audience. There is an honest hunger for truth out there but little to be found. If I can explain the basics, then there is more advanced material available about applying and living a lifestyle of truth as your true self. May this serve as a warning. There is danger ahead. If you proceed in reading this, you may not be able to stop and may be drawn to more channeled texts by me and others. You can say that your soul may find it all refreshingly addictive, so be warned. There may be no turning back, but really, why would you? Your life is just about to begin again as a type of rebirth or awakening to parts of yourself you didn't know existed. Let the process begin.

2. What is a miracle, you may ask? Many things in the world of form are miraculous. Everything from animals to insects to the wide variety of plant life, and everything in between, is miraculous. The human body is miraculous, as are the elements of the earth, wind, and fire. Time itself is miraculous. Advances in medicine and technology are miraculous. The ability to use a brain to process information and plan a response is miraculous. But what is a miracle?

3. Simply put, a miracle is a change in perception. A miracle is a change from perceived ideas to the possibility that there may be much more going on than the human senses indicate. A miracle is a shift from limitation to expansiveness, from a definition to something that cannot be defined. Miracles are performed by miracle workers, and who might these be? A miracle worker is a human who has had their sixth sense awakened. The sixth sense is a sensitivity or awareness of the unseen aspects of life. Once fully operational, a human with now six senses can use the brain artfully and strategically, in ways that enhance what only five operating senses could do on their own. This is a miracle. It is a great evolutionary step that enables what fuels the body to be reflected in the day-to-day operations of the body.

4. What is it that operates or gives life to a body, whether it is human or nonhuman?

5. Just as it is a hand that operates a puppet or marionette, it is also a hand, so to speak, that operates a body, any type of body. This hand is figurative, but in literal terms it is a very small part of something bigger.

6. This something bigger is what is known as source energy, commonly known as God, and the figurative hand is commonly known as a soul. This soul is your true self. It is highly individualized as there are no two that are alike. The body's operating system, known as ego, tricks you into thinking that you are something you are not.

7. It wants you to believe that you are not a soul, an aspect of the creator of the universe, but instead are a complicated person with likes, dislikes, a history, and a projected future. This is the great con, but who is it who created this great con? It was all souls as totality who decided to take on this great adventure in pretending to be something we are not.

8. Strengthening ourself through adversity of all types is the only way to grow more of it. This "it" that I refer to is source energy. This is God. God is here to grow more of itself, the nature of which is benevolent care and concern for itself in the form of others. God is here to help itself to grow. It grows through relationship each and every time love is chosen over fear.

9. This is the basic foundation for a process that has grown quite complex and is completely hidden from view. Virtually no one knows any of this is going on because virtually everyone is lost in the illusion of being a human, with likes, dislikes, a history, and a projected future. Being human is only a means to an end. It is not what it seems to be. Humans are part of something else and that something else is the divine God energy in themselves and in all. Humans are not really independent contractors as they all think they are.

10. The ego uses a mound of clay (the brain) to do its bidding. Everything revolves around me, myself, and I. It seeks power first and foremost. It evaluates everything and everyone and wants to know their effects on itself. The ego seeks power in order to control and seek out advantages in all aspects of life. While it is allowed to believe it has control, this is part of the illusion of being human. It is allowed to make choices, to either be in alignment with this larger presence I have already alluded to or suffer the consequences. Suffering is and has always been widespread in the human world because the ego is a harsh master.

11. A chair is a chair because it has been given meaning, and this meaning has been passed down through the generations. Human thought is cumulative and progressive. A thought can be supported through time and experience, or rejected and replaced by another thought that is believed to be true as time and circumstances change. The world is no longer thought to be flat, but hot items are still believed not to warrant touch until they cool substantially.

12. Gravity works whether one believes in it or not, but not having sex before marriage was widely believed in at one time and is now widely rejected. Some thoughts and concepts require buy-in. One person may buy into a concept due to fear of eternal damnation in a lake of fire being supervised by demons armed with pitchforks, while others have no such inhibitions.

13. Being human and experiencing the world through the human lens is very much a package deal. Unless someone is on a desert island, an individual human is dependent on many others for food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and care until they themselves can help do all of this for others.

14. The human experience is an interactive relationship with billions of seemingly separate parts. This is the human illusion because what seems to be isn't what is really transpiring at all. The oneness within the multitude is growing and becoming more aware of itself.

15. The fundamental difference in how the ego and divine oneness see anything is that the soul sees purpose in everything, whereas the ego sees things as a means to an end or as a final product in a process. To the ego, everything revolves around it. Everything either supports the ego or is in opposition to it while simultaneously being in support of other egos. This is how simple objects become status symbols or memory holders or even signs of weakness.

16. Both the ego and the soul have the ability to see something as simple as a chair or a fork, but it is the ego who sees remembrances of itself everywhere it looks. Therefore, the ego does not see clearly. The soul sees clearly because it sees the Divine everywhere it looks. It sees the eternal, timeless, nonchanging quality within the temporary and everything here is, in fact, temporary. The soul honors itself by admitting that it is here in a world filled with the temporary, whether they are treasured objects, thrown away junk, or human characters. It is the soul combined with other souls who created it all, with a singular purpose in mind.

17. Overcoming the power of the ego is the purpose for any world of form and yes, there are many of them, too many to count. It is true that you are not alone on the earth. This is true in more ways than one. Whatever the world's human population is, double it to get an idea of how many character puppets there are, and how many souls there are operating each and every one. The character puppets were all designed to believe they are real and they each do, so to humor them we will double the population. Most character puppets have little to no useful information about their own souls, other than maybe hearing about them in a movie or a song. This is the great illusion. It isn't that objects aren't really present in the environment. It's that character puppets think they are character puppets. They don't know that they are souls operating character puppets, becoming stronger while doing so. Souls are aspects of God and God is something that grows. It grows in strength and power. There are many, many places on the earth and there are many, many situations on the earth, where there just isn't enough God energy to positively affect an otherwise negative situation or climate. Until a character puppet allows its own soul to ask for and receive outside assistance, none is offered. Character puppets think they are in charge and the universe allows them to think this. It is an illusion.

18. Human identity and human thought create an illusionary reality that covers up a true reality. They are merely symptoms meant and designed to be overcome. The overcoming process is known as awakening, a precious beginning of a process when a human discovers their true identity and operates from that understanding. It is the convergence of the eternal with the temporary. Human identity and thought create the illusion that someone is something they are not. Divine identity and thought with the Christ Mind marry the two states of timeless and timebound, completing the circle of life. When a soul has gained enough maturity to take control from the body's natural operating system, the ego, then Christ has returned. Sanity has replaced irrational and insane thought and actions. This has already started happening across the land one soul at a time. This is the Second Coming of Christ. This is Soul in the Driver's Seat: A Course in Miracles for the New Age. It is a guidebook for those who want to awaken and explore their own true identity, which will culminate in soul growth that will produce Christ, an operating system that reflects God in mankind. Let it be.

19. This is the end of the introduction.

End Time: Sunday, June 26, 2022, 5:38 pm