Soul in the Driver's Seat

A Course in Miracles for the New Age

Soul in the Driver’s Seat

Welcome to Soul in the Driver’s Seat: A Course in Miracles for The New Age. If you are reading this note, then clearly you are meant to know about this intriguing new book. And you alone will discern if its message is for you at this time.

Why was this book written? It was written as a gift to every man, woman, and child to help themselves understand different parts of themselves: the ego and the soul. It was written to help individuals to finally see that the ego is connected to nothing and the soul is connected to everything. The soul network forms a web that is God. … More soul presence is the primary purpose of this book. We want to promote peace and love with less ego, less fear, more soul, and more love. This may sound impossible in today's crazy world, but this is the only hope here.
— Jesus, Soul in the Driver's Seat

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Soul in the Driver’s Seat was received from Jesus by Rick Greathouse over a five-month period. We are delighted to offer this material to each and all, online, right here on this website. Our intention is to publish this book in monthly installments, with each new month’s material available on the last day of the preceding month. For example Installment 1, offering material for August 2023, is published on 31 July 2023. To enjoy the new material, bookmark and visit this website often. Sign up for the intermittent, as needed Soul Journey Newsletter to stay informed of new offerings and any changes. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, catch up on all past newsletters, and feel free to contact us with Questions or Comments.


Guidelines for Sharing

This website is the official container for the complete, original received book Soul in the Driver’s Seat: A Course in Miracles for the New Age, registered with the Library of Congress' Office of Copyright. Quoting a sentence or two or even a paragraph or two from this book for personal use or when sharing with companions is wonderful, so long as this Copyright Notice and URL are always included —

“© 2023 Richard Curtis Greathouse,
Soul in the Driver’s Seat:
A Course in Miracles for the New Age
If you wish to share more, and we hope you will, simply share the URL for the specific webpage, and not the body of text. For all other uses please contact us for permission. Note that this offering is quite unlike Journey into the Unknown and Arrival for which downloads are freely available for sharing. It is our intention to publish Soul in the Driver’s Seat as a printed book. Sign up for the Soul Journey Newsletter for updates!

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Purpose of Soul in the Driver’s Seat

Different words are used to name the core essence of who we are in truth — Voice for God, Holy Spirit, Christ Self, Heart, Christ Consciousness, Right Mind, Inner Voice, Higher Self, Spirit, Inner Guide, Oneness, Love, and many more. Each word intended to identify that ineffable vitality, lifeforce, that abides with/as us before, during, and after life as a human being on planet earth.

As Jesus makes very clear in A Course in Miracles, received in 1965 —

Words can be helpful … Let us not forget, however, that words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality … we need a many-faceted curriculum, not because of content differences, but because symbols must shift and change to suit the need.

In this new book Soul in the Driver’s Seat: A Course in Miracles for The New Age, Jesus chooses to use the word Soul, explaining —

Just as it is a hand that operates a puppet or marionette, it is also a hand, so to speak, that operates a body, any type of body. This hand is figurative, but in literal terms it is a very small part of something bigger. This something bigger is what is known as source energy, commonly known as God, and the figurative hand is commonly known as a soul. This soul is your true self. It is highly individualized as there are no two that are alike. The body’s operating system, known as ego, tricks you into thinking that you are something you are not …
The ego has no purpose, but it is always searching for one. When it thinks it has found one, it will discard it. If it gets bored with the purpose it has found, or if there aren't enough rewards embedded in it to make it worthwhile, it will search for another one. The soul doesn't have to search for anything. It already knows what its purpose is. The soul's purpose is to express unconditional love in a place that is hostile to it. It is this simple, and it is this difficult. The difficulty is in getting the character to go along with the soul's purpose, by choosing unconditional love more often. This is the great purpose for everyone who is here now, and for everyone who has ever been here, or who will ever be here.

And this, my dear Soul Journey Companions, is the sole purpose of this book and website — to offer hope, inspiration, encouragement, and pragmatic everyday support to each and every person who chooses to strengthen their precious soul. Loving unconditionally and blessing indiscriminately wherever we go. Welcoming Soul squarely into the driver’s seat of the uniquely amazing heart-mind-body vehicle we each have! And with a huge sigh of relief allowing our worn-out ego-self to climb into the back seat with a soft blanket, a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (or your favorite comfort snack 😊) and take a well-earned rest from endless striving.

Get started on the first Installment of Soul in the Driver’s Seat, Chapter One — Introduction, or enjoy the latest Installment!

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With blessings and with so much love to each and all 🌺
July 2023

The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.