Soul in the Driver's Seat

A Course in Miracles for the New Age

Soul Installment 5

Thursday 30 November 2023


Volume One
Chapter Five — Healing

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 2:30 pm

1. What is it exactly that needs to be healed here? Where would one even start? Let's say that I entered any hospital in the world and went room to room, healing this one of this disease and the next one of another disease and yet another of something else. Then what would happen? Maybe John and Mary Smith could go back home to be John and Mary Smith, illusionary characters in an illusionary world of thought, where they will then be free to create new diseases for themselves just by thinking like a human. So again, what is it exactly that needs to be healed here? If you are saying human thought and human identity you are right on the button. How can these things change? Through the miracle, that's how. A change in perception.

2. Diseases of all shapes and sizes are merely symptoms of a much larger disease, the disease of separation! Separation between one soul and another and more importantly, separation between a soul and God, are part of perception, part of the soul-strengthening exercise of being in a world of form. As I've already indicated it isn't true, and yet it definitely seems to be true according to the parameters of this experience. In the original A Course in Miracles, I took a hardliner's stance about this and may have done harm by instilling guilt about being a human in the first place. For this, I sincerely apologize. In this new version, I will attempt to be clear when speaking of your ultimate reality as well as your current reality.

3. People are healed of both temporary and life-threatening disease either through medical intervention, wishful thinking, or a third avenue, bargaining with God and making promises to be good if "fill in the blank" will disappear. Disease takes people out of their daily routine and forces them to focus on being sick right now. Through suffering, oftentimes horrific suffering, people have a required time-out and sometimes reevaluate their life's purpose and their relationships to their careers, family, and friends. This is one potentially positive takeaway from health issues if one digs for a deeper meaning. A pitfall is if the star of a sick show becomes focused on leaving a painful now through the use of painkillers. This creates a brand-new problem and an escape hatch from dealing with the hidden messages the disease comes to deliver in the first place.

End Time: Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 7:48 am


Chapter Six — Religion

Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 8:00 am

1. What would life on earth be like without religion? There are many humanists and atheists who live largely religion-free lives. I say largely because it is quite difficult to live here without being aware of the huge influence religion has on culture and on each individual, whether they like it or not. There are communities that voted to have gambling facilities only to have them blocked by local churches. There are places where alcohol cannot be sold because of old laws created by politicians who were being supported by religious communities, who fight tooth and nail to this day to keep them in place. America has seen school boards and an entire political party consumed by religion that practitioners want enshrined into law. What is really going on here?

2. Few have found love in religion, although there is some there, buried deeply underneath what is primarily there, which is fear and the desire to control through fear. Their purpose, other than fundraising, is to promote an idea that there is a God in the sky who watches your every move and is either pleased with your loyalty or displeased with your treason. Punishment is a big theme in religion as is redemption for sinners. If one merely believes in the Christian Savior (me), then they will either go to heaven when they die, or be swept up in a rapture, or be resurrected after one thousand years, depending on what version of the story is subscribed to. In other religions pious males will receive the reward of having seven virgin wives. I don't know what the reward for women would be. Women frequently get left out and get the short end of the stick.

3. Very few egos feel free enough to escape the clutches of religion once they have taken hold. A decision like this could cost them business associates or family members. It is amazing that religion has survived throughout history and even supports all of the ten dilemmas between ego and soul, though always on the ego side interestingly enough. Religion is the glue that keeps the illusion firmly in place. Without it there may have been enough wiggle room for people to start questioning everything. Religion has made many feel great fear about questioning anything. If anyone is brave enough to do so, they will discover that religion is largely superstition and fables.

4. Humans are doomed. They have an archaic operating system that opposes souls at every turn. They are under the influence of drugs such as religion and government. Poor things. The souls are the ones who really suffer though. They may have to live a life that lasts for one hundred years of only being listened to a handful of times. It is as if they are locked inside a bottle and can't escape even for a breath of fresh air. Souls are the ones activating bodies, so you would think they would get a little more respect, but most people don't know much about their own soul. The ego has made sure of it and religion has only made the waters dirtier. What to do? You have read this far. Keep going. It will be worth it, I promise. You'll see.

5. If there is not much truth to be found in religion or anywhere in the world, does this mean that there isn't any at all? The answer to this question will lead to many more questions, and as I've already said, questioning is a very good thing, to partially quote Martha Stewart. The answer to the question is an enthusiastic yes. There is truth in this world, and you've already started to uncover what it is. If you aren't really human, or at least completely human, what are you? And who and what am I? Why am I talking to you now? What's my agenda?

End Time: End Time: 7:36 pm